Monero Silent Miner

Follow the simple steps below to get your monero silent miner. Read our FAQ section for more information. If you continue the buying process you agree with the our Terms of Service.

To start enter your Monero address (or a different supported address):

Enter the mining pool address (read pool instructions!), port and password:

Check this box if you are mining to xmrig-proxy. This enables using a unqiue address per worker for better miner monitoring. Do not check this box if you are mining to a pool.
Check this box if you want keepalive enabled. This option needs to be supported by pool. If you are not sure, leave this unchecked.

Executable file name (File name and name of the process that protects the miner, it has to end in ".exe"):

If PC is not idle, you can choose between using 1 thread, 50% cpu, 100%cpu or not mining:

If PC is idle, you can choose between using 50% cpu or 100% cpu (choose "100%cpu" if you selected "always use 100% cpu" in previous step):

Idle threshold time: Time in seconds to use as threshold to start mining 100% CPU. Default is 30 seconds. (If you selected "always use 100% cpu", this setting has no effect, so just hit next)

Do you want startup option? If yes miner will restart on PC reboot.

Startup enabled

Miner by default stops if task manager is running (to avoid user detection), you can disable this option:

Task manager protection enabled

If you check this option, the main process of the miner will be protected, users won't be able to kill the process. Warning: instructions to uninstall miner are not provided when this option is enabled.

Process protection enabled

Optional feature: You can update your miner's settings form an online text file. If you wish to use this feature, specify an url, if not leave the field below blank. For more information see our FAQ