Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the miner price and what to I get?

Price is $14 USD. When you buy you get an executable file that will start mining Monero silently (no cmd or gui windows) when executed in Windows systems. The miner works with cryptonight algorithm coins (Monero, Bytecoin, etc. Click here for supported algorithms). It is coded in C++. Miner features:
  Anti-sleep: The PC will not sleep while the miner is running.
  Mutex: This guarantees only one instance of the miner will run per PC. If you execute the miner by mistake a second time on the same computer, the second instance of the miner will stop running automatically.
  Startup (optional): Miner starts automatically ever time the PC is restarted.
  Mines in memory (using heaven's gate to inject 64bit from 32bit executable). You get a 32bit executable file that is capable of injecting the 64bit mining engine to a 64bit windows process.
  Miner is injected to windows process to bypass firewalls.
  Startup persistence: If user deletes the startup entry, the miner will write a new startup entry immediately.
  No file drops!!
  Executable file size: only 1.3MB
  Works on Windows XP to Windows 10 , Windows Server as well (32 and 64 bit).
  Miner by default stops if task manager is running to avoid user detection, then resumes after task manager is closed. (Optional feature)
  Idle mining. Only mine when idle, or mine with 1 thread or 50% cpu when not idle and 50%/100% cpu when idle.
  Custom name of process that protects miner.
  Updatable pool settings from an online configuration file.
  Proxy mode: MachineGuid is used instead of address to identify each user as a separate worker.
  Keepalive mode (optional): This feature keeps miner connected to pool even if it does not submit a share for a long period of time.
  Updateable miner: Miner binary can be updated using online configuration file.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, and Ether as payment.

Miner is not working, what do I do?

Please contact support ([email protected]) with your Monero address and order id.

Is there a price discount for miner rebuilds or updates?

If you need a rebuild or update (another executable file) there is a discount if you are using the same address. Just input your Monero address in purchase process and you will be asked for $5 USD as payment instead of full price if you have bought before from us. If you want a miner with a different monero address, you have to pay full price.

What is the pool mining password?

Please read the pool mining instructions in the pool website of your choice. Most pools use "x" as password. The password is the "-p" parameter that you need to input to the miner.

Is the miner detected by antivirus?

Yes. To reduce detections you can crypt the file. I do not have any crypter recommendations, please choose yourself.

What mining algorithms are supported?

You can go to for a list of supported mining algorithms.

Does the miner support GPU mining?

No, only CPU mining for now.

Is cpu mining still profitable?

CPU mining is a bad idea for most cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, you can still make money cpu mining Monero. Why? The reason is that there are no ASICs mining Monero and GPU mining offers little advantage over CPU mining compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Can the miner's configuration be updated?

Yes. From miner version 2.1.0 (click here for CHANGELOG), the miner can read an online configration file. This is an optional feature. If you choose to use this option, you can update your miner's configuration (address, pool, port, pool password, and algorithm) from an online text file you control. For an example configuration file visit

Can the miner be automatically updated?

Yes, starting from version 2.4.0 you can update the miner specifying an url to the new miner in an online configuration file. If you want to use this feature, please build the miner specifying an online configuration file. When workers check the online configuration file, they will update the miner (new miner url is specified as "update_url") if "update_hash" is different to md5 hash of current miner. For an example configuration file visit